Friday, August 20, 2010


so i leave for camp in a few hours, can't wait! (and yes, i am blogging at 2 in the morning cause that's the only time i can get the laptop for a bit all to myself)

i haven't cut yet (so 2 days of my 7 down) and let me tell you, it's been soooo hard! i keep getting these urges to cut, but i like a challenge so i am trying not to cut for a week and i've been moodier than usual lately cause i have nothing to do with my anger. lets hope being away from my family (not that i don't love them) for a week will be good for me.

my cousins (Rachel and Jenny) are up this weekend, which kinda sucks cause i'm at camp, but i'm just going to have to deal...

got a new camera today (yay!!) it's my birthday present/reward for not writing on myself for over 4 months (i used to do it alot)

my birthday is on thursday coming up, can't wait! sooo close to 15 and my permit :)

gotta go sleep now,

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Feather said...

Good to hear about your not cutting. Keep up the good work! See you in a week!! Oh and you get your L's at 15? Lucky buggers i had to wait till i was 16! Oh well no worries now =)Good luck at camp!