Tuesday, August 10, 2010


(this post its just going to be me rambling - no poems or anything - FYI)

so after reading Feather's blog (which you really should read, it is amazing) i have been inspired to actually blog some about my randomly somewhat boring and sometimes exciting life :) so u can thank Feather for the loss of IQ. haha.

my day so far: my mom and Abi got back last night around 8 and today my mom and dad had to work so i got the privilege (NOT! haha) of babysitting Abi as she is only 8 and i took her to the dollar store to get silly bands and then we went to the library where i got Wicked which i hear is a good book, but haven't read it yet and can't really say if it's good or not (i will let you know when i get around to reading it). on our way home (we walked and it's like 90 degrees out and i was sweating like a pig! <- not sure u needed or wanted to know that, oh well...) so on our way home we ran into my best fried Tess and her younger sister Serena and decided that we are going to go to the pool together in an hour or so (yay!) and then we got home and i got on the computer....
and that is my day so far...

what is planned for later:
- going swimming with Tess and Serena (and maybe their little sister Shai)
- running in a 5k cross country race (NOT looking forward to it)
- getting back from the race and going straight to bed (after i take my shower cause i'll be sweaty)

and that is my blog about my life for today :)
i might possibly post a poem i wrote this morning tomorrow(ish)

GOD IS GOOD!!!! <---- random thought of the day :)

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Feather said...

Good Lord. It just occured to me that i maight blog about Wicked, and the Wicked inspired painting i'm working on when i read this post! I cheated. The book has been sitting in an ever growing pile for the last 12 months. But the musical is AMAZING!! I saw it and fell in love. Such a great story, the singing, the DANCING, the jusic. It's great =)
Naww thanks for mentioning me (again!), commenting on my blogs (reading my blogs!) and sharing some of your life =) I'm gunna go blog now xx