Monday, November 1, 2010


so i've been kinda incommunicado these last few weeks and so i thought i would hop on really quick to tell you about my current project that i am doing.

NANOWRIMO!!! (national novel writing month for those of you who don't know and basically i have to write 50,000 words in the month of november - about 1667 words a day! and so far i went over for day one doing 1861 words, so i'm off to a good start)

i challenge any of my writer followers to this, check out the website here:
and my page here:
don't be afraid to add me as a buddy!! :) (and don't worry-its not too late to start!!)

GSTA TOMORROW!!! (gay-straight-trans gender alliance) (because i'm bi)

have a good november!!! i'll post again in december and tell you how it went!

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Feather said...

im sorry i haven't been on in ages! i really wish i had of so i could have done this writing thing too =)and i love your post about eyes above ^^ =)