Sunday, June 10, 2012

poetry update and summer vaca


soooo yea, i kind of forgot to post my poetry on here and i had some extra time [although i probably should have been studying for my last exam tomorrow - chemistry - but i don't like studying and i can always review tomorrow morning] so i decided to update this blog with everything i've written since i last posted.

YAY!! [right, please tell me that is a yay!! moment]

anyway, after my chem exam tomorrow i am officially DONE WITH JUNIOR YEAR! i can't believe i'm going to be a senior in like 3 months!! ^o^

hopefully during the summer i'll be updating this more with little posts about what i'm up to when i'm not posting my writing and stuff. i am going to camp for a week, but i'll let you know when i go and tell you how it was and i'm going to be working at a camp, but that shouldn't interfere with this blog at all.

i'm excited for summer! what about you??

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