Wednesday, September 12, 2012

salty sea green eyes

her eyelashes were sprinkled with dew-drop tears
that sparkled in the morning sun like diamonds
as her evergreen eyes gazed up into a far away place
where her dreams and long ago aspirations hid themselves
from her shattered heart and empty sea eyes.
once she was as full as the ocean and her eyes sparkled
in the middle of the night like stars
and her face was the moon,
but then the valve on her heart broke and she accidentally poured out
all of her salty sea green love
onto an empty beach and the stars in her eyes died,
her beautiful moon face no longer saw the beautiful light
in quiet darkness.
WHOOT!! somehow I found the time to write something while being loaded down with homework and a job! :) 
I'm kinda worried about how I will be able to do everything during the winter when I have nordic skiing, but I'll deal with that when it comes. 
also, I've lost 4 more pounds! 14 total since I started trying to lose weight!