Friday, January 20, 2017


She is slipping away through my grasping fingers
and there is nothing I can do but stand behind her,
watching as her shadow trails behind and leaves
nothing to hold on to.

I remember the pain of high school,
I remember the pain of never feeling loved,
I remember how the depression
creeps up behind you and grabs you in the night,
while the anxiety plagues your dreams
and turns the daylight into new demons;
I remember and I understand
because this was once my world too.

Family is pushed to the side as she sees no end in sight,
choosing new friends instead of sisters
and leaving a trail of tears and pain behind her
because she does not see how much love
the sisters she has always been sandwiched in between
want to surround her with.

We are trying to reach for her,
we are trying to pull her back,
my tears fall nightly as I fear that one day
she will walk out of the front door,
and never look back.