Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Long time no see.

So it's been around a year or more (I think) since I last posted anything on this blog.  I promise that I am alive, not happy about it, but alive nonetheless.

Things have been super crazy for the last several months: I'm currently 3 weeks away from finishing my first year at college/university and my life has had more ups and downs that I ever thought possible.  Since August I've been through a lot and actually haven't written very much, something that had been slowly killing me inside.  I may have sworn off writing for awhile, but it was causing me more pain than good because there were so many words bouncing around in my head and so many emotions that I just needed to get them out on paper.  Most of the poems I've written have been, well, awful so I'm not going to post them.  I have written a few good ones and I promise that I will get them up soon.  I've missed this blog and posting my writing online, it used to be such a big part of me and I guess I kind of lost myself for a bit this last year.

I promise to write more and to post my poetry on this blog.  I'm also thinking of actually blogging a bit on here because sometimes I just really feel like I need to get my thoughts out and pretend that maybe someone is reading them and gives a crap.  Because my life has been crap these last few months and I've been completely alone in everything.  I guess that's what I get for going to school about a days drive from my best friend and I'm transferring to a school that is about 3 days drive from home, I start there in August.  A part of me is running away, but I'm also starting over because there is nothing for me here anymore - too many bad memories.  Maybe, in time, I'll open up about what's happened to me at this school and why I'm leaving, but for now I will only say that sometimes I wonder if what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, or if it just makes you wish it had.

To (hopefully) a better future and more consistent posts. *raises glass*