Sunday, November 21, 2010

Identical Twins - Oh So Different

I have two eyes,
two bright blue-grey eyes that show me everything I want to see,
and everything I don't.
These eyes give me grounds for opinions and imaginings
they give me a drive for artistic talent
and written words,
they are my foundation and I see through them in ways
that nobody else could.
I have two eyes,
both the same color and both the same size and shape,
they are identical twins,
but they see oh so differently.
Through one I see myself as
African American and Irish and Scottish and Native American and English,
I see myself as all of the races and ethnicities in this
oh so wide world
and through my other eye I see myself as
white and read headed and skinny and pretty,
everything that society and the world has taught me to see.
Together my eyes produce an image of me
that no one else could replicate,
I am the whole world mixed into one person
over decades of love and marriage and babies
and racial prejudice.
My relatives saw through their eyes the world
but the world didn't see them,
they weren't equals because they were different
in skin color and origins and riches and power,
but I see them all reflected in me,
their stories and history brought down through the ages
to this moment and this person,
and I can see it all with my two eyes,
identical twins,
but oh so different interpretations of the world around them.
this just kinda came to me suddenly and i just had to write it down.
hope you liked it :)

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DarkJewel said...

it's beautiful.i absolutely love this poem! :) keep up the awesome writing!!