Monday, March 7, 2011

Ode to Molloy by Samuel Beckett

<dedicated to Molloy by Samuel Beckett - my english project>
I was told that you were challenging and that I wasn't ready,
but I didn't listen and when I was given an extension to change books
I stuck with you because the language was beautifully chaotic
and reminded me a little bit about myself.
I thought that maybe I would learn about myself
by reading this book that every teacher said I was too young for
and I wanted the challenge
that books stopped presenting to me when I turned 6
and read chapter books without pictures that were hundreds of pages long.
oh how wrong I was.
At first the going wasn't easy,
but not hard,
it was an experience and I loved the ways the words twisted around me
and made my mind swirl
unlike any other book that I have ever read.
And then deadlines began to draw near and I couldn't keep up
with the time that I had left,
I wanted to savor the words as I read them
and now I only have 4 days left and I'm not even half way through,
my mind can't keep up with the words that are being thrown at me
and I think that I might literally die
because of the effort that I am putting into this one book.
You have taught me so much,
more than any other book I have read,
but I really wish that I could go back and read a different book
because I have to admit that my teacher was right,
I'm not ready for this book,
at least under a deadline.
I know that I could read you if I had a year,
but a month wasn't nearly enough.
You have changed my way of thinking,
but I regret choosing to read you for this assignment.
The thoughts you present me make my mind swirl
and I don't know if I can function anymore.
I do have to say though;
if I do die reading you,
at least I tried and even a few pages were enough
to make me rethink everything I have ever thought.
Thanks for the learning and the torture,
you have taught me much,
but I wouldn't recommending reading you in only a month.
this is dedicated to Molloy a novel by the writer Samuel Beckett which I had to read for an english project. I regret that decision everyday :) but it was totally worth it in the end because it was a good book ♥


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