Friday, January 7, 2011

Inexperienced Lover

so i know that i never say anything before the poem that i'm posting, but i feel like i owe you guys the reason for why i haven't been posting that often so you don't think that i'm abandoning you.  
school- midterms are coming up and so are sign ups for next year classes, i am also starting to get college stuff and am trying to keep my grades up for a potential scholarship
life- just recently Kace asked me out and so i have been dating him for about a week now, he is amazing and awesomely cool AND i am in the process of getting the book i wrote published as well as writing another book (not related to the one i just wrote, totally different plot)
sports- i was placed on varsity for the nordic ski team at school and so i have been training hard to stay on varsity (i have a race tomorrow) 

sooo i have been VERY busy, as you can tell and i haven't had much time to even write, which was killing me, and i apologize profusely. please forgive me!!!

(the poem is something i wrote about Kace and i - there will be a lot of sappy love poems in the coming weeks, i promise, but i will still spice it up with other types of my poems and maybe some excerpts from my book/the book i am writing now)

These feelings are so strange and foreign;
pounding hearts,
beating in unison
as you hold me to you and whisper in my ear
and I wonder if you can feeling my heart pound
ten times faster with longing for this moment
that will last forever.
I've never felt this way before,
I am so small and inexpierienced compared to you,
with 2 years more experience than me
and you still take it slowly for me ,
I can tell that you love me just as much as I love you
and I can feel how our hands fit together perfectly,
like puzzle pieces,
reunited at last.
All I can think about is you when your not there
and all I can think about is you when you are,
you are perfect
and understand my fear of taking it one step farther,
I'm terrified of kissing you,
but I want it so bad
and I long to get rid of this irrational fear
because I know you won't judge me
and that you will still love me just as much as now.
You have changed me so much;
making me fear these foreign emotions
because I never knew someone who mattered that much
and you convinced me to go to the dance in the end of January,
I can't wait to go now
and have my princess moment that I have longed for,
you don't realize how much I hate dances,
but I love you and will go,
if only for you.
I want our first kiss to be at the dance,
it seems just fitting for us because you waited for me
for months
until my parents met you and got to know you,
finally giving their approval
and then you asked me out and I said yes,
I stuttered and you didn't care.
I can't believe how much I still need to learn
and you are the perfect teacher,
before you I was afraid to try things that couldn't be described in words
and you have opened my eyes to a whole new world
that I never could see before,
I want this to last forever and ever
because you are amazing and I love you more than any other.
You let me be me and you still are yourself
and I appreciate that so much more than you will ever know
because you don't rush me and that means the world to me.
♥ ♥ ♥

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