Sunday, January 9, 2011

To The Writers (Keep On Writing My Friends)

"I love it when I can watch my writing flow across the page
like a never ending waterfall
creating colorful rainbows of imagination
& pure blissful images of beautiful skies and fields at dusk
on a late summer's night."
Writing is about so much more than what people believe it to be,
it is imagination and cutting all the way to your very core,
spilling out your deepest secrets and darkest desires
in a way that is so uncomprehensable to anyone
but those who share a place in this world where reality doesn't exist
and everything is beautiful,
you only have to find it and then write like a demon-possessed lunatic
(except it is good possession and lunacy,
because writers are anything but sane and that is a good thing,
sanity is so boring)
Believe and Imagine and write it all down
because your thoughts are valuable and your opinions are priceless.
Let those coffee stained notebooks be your life
because there is nothing better than to bringing a character into existance
who is your best friend and witnessing them defeat all odds
because writing the story is just as much fun as reading it,
you just have to pick up a pen and let it flow
(you never know what might emerge)
Writing can teach you things about yourself and life
that nothing else could teach you because the answers you seek
are always inside and by releasing it onto the paper you are letting yourself free
and paving the way for others behind you to reach into themselves,
the discovery is the best part.
And there is nothing like sitting back after you've written a particularly excellent piece
and feeling the pride spread through your whole body,
leaving a pleasent feeling of purpose and happiness,
nothing can make a person happier than seeing their work on paper
that the whole world can read to better understand their thoughts and dreams and desires
because writing opens a window to your soul.
So my friends I urge you to keep writing and never stop
because I can garuntee that you won't regret it,
writing is a part of everyone,
you only have to take the leap
and pour yourself onto paper,
a true masterpiece will form before your very eyes.
i wrote this piece to inspire people to write, i hope it works :) (there wasn't really any more of a story behind it than that)


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