Tuesday, November 29, 2011

nothing more than nothing

& i just want to be called beautiful,
to be compared to the stars & the sea & the first snowfall.

i just want to feel like i'm not nothing,
that maybe i'm a little bit of something
& not just some cluster of meaningless energy
being tossed around in the breeze.

i just want someone to call me beautiful
& tell me that i matter,
maybe then i won't be cutting through these stitches
& picking at these cracks in my soul
because i just can't see myself as any more than nothing
& anything less that nonexistant.

but then again,
i'm not beautiful.

i have low self confidence. for the rest of the week i'm just going to be posting a poem and maybe a little explanation if i feel like it is needed because i'm trying to post more. :)

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