Tuesday, March 6, 2012

faded nightmares

i'm seeing in shattered pieces, distortions of the truth and the lies,
when i look in a mirror i only see the flaws, i only see
the fat on my thighs and the shadows under my eyes and the
scars that cover my arms and my hands,
memories of heartbreak and loss and punching through glass windows.

i've got old woman eyes, eyes that have gazed upon
funerals and sunsets and heart wrenching pain that seems to
slice right through your very being and leave you almost powerless to resist, the kind
that you just want to run away from, to escape from, but no matter
how hard you try you can't escape and it just follows you, striking you
down again and again and again and you just can't
take it anymore, but still you endure it because there is someone out there
waiting for you, so they can hold you in their arms and make everything
oh so much better.

my heart is still beating and so i still have hope that someday
i will be able to look up into the clouds on a sunny sunday morning and
smile, because everything will be okay and
i won't have anything to hide anymore and these
scars will be faded and nothing more than just a memory, nothing more
than just a nightmare that i have finally woken from.

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