Sunday, March 4, 2012

a song to sing you to sleep someday

there is play-doh on my fingertips and underneath my fingernails,
memories of wishes and dreams that i once had playing out in front of my eyes.
there is mud in my hair and my clothes,
my eyes are sparkling with something close to innocence.

i've got that childhood feeling of happiness coursing through my veins
and the wind whipping through my hair brings me back to that day,
the day that i stood on that boat and looked out across the endless sea
with you standing beside me and seaweed in my hair.

lines are broken with their usual chaos,
the words are flowing from my heart and my soul
like a never ending river,
i want to dedicate this song to you, the song of my life,
and yours,
but not a love song because you aren't someone i am in love with, you are
oh so much more than that honey, you are
the wind in my hair and the play-doh in my finger nails and the mud on my face, you are
the childhood innocence that i once had and then lost a little bit too soon, you are
my everything and so much more.

26 letters can make so many words, so many sentences,
and yet i can't seem to string them together in the right ways to describe
exactly what you are to me
because it is so complicated, but yet so simple, and i just want
to write you a song that you will let me sing to you late at night
when the nightmares are too much and you can't seem to fall asleep.

this is your lullaby and it doesn't have a chorus, it doesn't have
a melody because there is no melody that could fit you, no matter
how hard i try to get it to work
and a chorus is so much more repetative than your
late night surprise visits in holey jeans and plain faded t-shirts, there is no way
that i could ever get you into a song, but, god damn it,
i sure am trying.

this is your Valentines Day song, a song for you to read when you feel unloved
and when you can't seem to understand love
because i don't understand love baby, it is the only thing i can't seem to write about,
the one thing i can't seem to nail down with the limits of 26 letters.

so honey here is a song for you, the one i have yet to meet
and when i do finally get to meet you i hope that you will let me sing you your song,
let me shout it from the rooftops, the song without a melody or a chorus,
but a song all the same.

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