Friday, August 6, 2010

Moving On

I've spent years & years
spilling out my secrets
with only 26 letters
& random punctuation
that wasn't always right,
but oh well,
I really didn't/don't

I've long since given up
getting rid of the ink stains
under my fingernails
& the coffee stains on my notebooks
& accepted that this is who I am,
a writer.

I've finally given up searching
for myself
because I've found that I'm right here
& that searching for something that
is right in front of me is

& I've finally let go of the pain
that led me to darkness
& found that the light is a much better place
to be.

I poured out my secrets
onto pages & pages of tattered notebook paper
& after years & years of secrets,
I've finally let go
& moved on.
i wrote this poem about my cutting and anorexia that i fought with for 2 long years and about how i finally stopped caring about appearances and discovered who i am and that the answer was sitting right in front of me the whole time and now i've finally found the strength to move on.

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