Friday, June 18, 2010

Princes and Frogs (Wishing for You Back)

You once asked me,
when we were laying underneath the dancing stars
and a never-waning moon,
"Why look for a prince,
when there are so many frogs?"
and I told you that I didn't know.
(still don't)

Years and years we've spent together,
"best friends till the end" we always said,
but who was to know that your prince would whisk you away
into another world,
taking you away from me?
He found you and you found him
amongst these frogs hopping in and out of our lives
and I saw you as happy for once,
all your wishes finally granted.
(I only wish they hadn't)

Left alone and abandoned,
waiting for my own prince
or maybe even a frog
because why should we look for a prince,
when there are so many frogs around us?
(still haven't found him)

Looking on and on as I watch you fade away
and I don't know if I ever want to find my prince
(or frog)
if he takes me away
like yours did you.
(can you see the pain I'm suffering, alone?)

Come back to me my best friend,
closest friend,
keeper of all of my secrets
deep and dark or not
do you think your prince would ever let you come back?
(I can only wish)

As I sit in front of the gray stone,
forever marking where your body now lays
and replace the wilted flowers all I have are memories
and I pray to God above
to keep you safe and wonder if you are happy up there,
in heaven with your prince.

I miss you...

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