Tuesday, December 6, 2011

stitch me together my love

i wish that you could fix me,
stitch together my broken pieces
and glue all of the leftovers
into a masterpiece
created from beautifully broken and shattered

i wish that you would be around to
hold me together
with an infinite amount of ductape
and spider's thread,
replacing every stitch i break through
when i just can't handle the world
and so i cut it away.

honey, i wish that i could be
sewn back together
and held together with your love,
but i'm married to these
razor blades
and i will forever be slicing through
my pale skin and, in turn,
all of your efforts to pull me back

but keep stitching me together my love,
keep me from pulling at the seams
and breaking away
because i'm inches from the edge

of breaking.

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