Tuesday, April 3, 2012

her father killed her, society destroyed her

only 16.
so young and yet so old,
scarred by razor blades and words and the fists of a father
who was supposed to love her, but only wanted a son.
she should be living her life, smiling and laughing
with her friends that don't exist, wearing
shirts that drop a little too low and short shorts
instead of long sleeves and jeans in mid-summer.
she should be happy, should be
so much more excited to wake up in the morning
to a whole new day, but instead
she just groans 
because everynight she secretly hopes
that she won't wake up in the morning.
it was a sad day, the day that
her father killed her and society destroyed her
and she stopped fighting for the life that she should
treasure and look forward to, but all she looks forward to is
sooooo sorry that everything has been depressing recently, i've been going through a lot of stuff and i can only get it out when i write!

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