Sunday, April 8, 2012


i used to be able to fly, soar
up into the sky and be free,
but then i fell.
now i'm to afraid to take that jump that's really more of a
small, little step over a semi large crack in the pavement
filled with a pool of water from the tears i rained down
on it as i shivered, trembled with fear
because once i fell i became afraid of falling again.
and it's cold and i'm shaking, but i can't tell
if it's from fear or from the cold that's piercing my bones, shattering
them like they did when i fell and i wonder if maybe
i'm just remembering what it was like on that day
when i was soaring high and i hit a small, barely noticeable
bump in the air drafts and i plummeted
screaming all of the way but nobody could hear me
as i fell, nobody was there to catch me and so i
i broke into a million tiny pieces and it took
a whole year of sterile hospital rooms and expensive bills
to fix me again, but then i found out that it was useless, it was all nothing,
when i stood looking down at that small crack in the pavement
and i found myself unable to make that jump that was more like
a semi large step, but was so close to flying
that i trembled.

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