Friday, April 20, 2012

swinging and burning

i profusely apologize for how dark and semi-disturbing this is, i just finished reading 'Night' by Eli Weisel and was inspired.

i hate them for what they've done to you, for the
dark look in your once bright blue eyes, sparkling with
innocence and joy and youth
now dark and old and empty from seeing them
swing and burn
before your oh so young eyes, persecuted for
a belief that they held so innocently and so strongly, a belief
that you believed too.

and i don't understand what made them do it, or why
they chose you even though you were so very young, why
you were stolen from your innocent
runningthroughgreenfeildsbarefoot stage
and thrown into a world that was all too cruel to you, making you
watch their bodies become flames and spew black smoke, watch
them swing from the gallows for crimes they did not commit
while trying to hold onto something, anything, that would
explain why your young eyes were forced to see what are my
worst nightmares,
the dreams that made me scream were your piercing reality
that seemed to endure forever and never seemed to stop.

so when you come to me with tears in your old blue eyes
i don't know what to do or what to say
because nothing, nothing that i could ever say would ever
make what they did to you make sense,
you didn't deserve to watch them die anymore than they deserved

to die.

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