Sunday, June 10, 2012

half-open window [original song]

so i've been dabbling in song writing recently after a friend of mine asked me to write lyrics for his band because a song i wrote about a year ago they ended up using and really liked. this is what came of about 2 days of writing, crossing out, re-wording, and humming the melody in my head. hope you like it! ~Tya
verse one:
just a boy, living in a high flying world
with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other.
introduce a girl,
the girl he always wanted
with a simple cross necklace and an addiction to
slipping away through half-open windows
on late nights,
the moon as her only witness.
and she is slipping, slipping away
his eyes are filled with stars,
he can't see her fading in his arms
because the lies they hide between them
outshine the truth that is
in the half-open window with a lingering scent of
verse two:
he spent his time imagining a happy ending,
she spent hers planning how to slip off into the night
through the half-open window in his oddly caring heart
that didn't seem to fit with his ripped jeans and faded tees
and scratchy cigarette smoke coated voice.
verse three:
the only thing she left behind was a wisp
of pine trees and early morning coffee
and a broken heart.
he couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, couldn't speak
and he ceased smelling of cigarettes because he threw
them away with his ripped jeans and faded tees,
she had taken his spirit with her when she
slipped out of his heart in the middle of the night,
the moon as her only witness.
she was slipping, slipping away
and his eyes were filled with stars,
he couldn't see her fading in his arms
until she had completely

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