Sunday, June 10, 2012

sunburns and rainy days

somedays sunburns are my release and sunshine is my peace
when i curl up under an old oak tree
and read the words on the pages that hold me here
on this earth while my thoughts stray elsewhere, to places
where death is just a nightmare and pain doesn't exist.
and lately i've been trying to sit in the sun more but the rain
has made it impossible to do anything but cry when i just
want to smile and laugh and live this life that for some reason
that i do not understand was given to me to make something of it
and when i die i want to be able to offer up a life that is like a polished gem,
priceless in everyway.
today i got a sunburn as i searched for peace in sunshine and oak trees
and words on pages that tie me to this world while
my mind is off in a distant land where you are still here and the scars
do not exist anymore because i've been healed by the grace
of the sunshine and the rainy days that made me cry
when i just wanted to hold it inside.

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