Sunday, June 10, 2012

solid ground [a love song]

she carried him away on the wings of her voice,
wrapped the words around him and made them
so they could lift him up and bring him to her cloud,
floating ever so far away in the ever so dark night;
except for the stars.
she didn't want to be alone anymore, she couldn't
keep humming the sad tune to the song that broke
her heart and built a wall,
and a cloud,
that kept her away from the rest of the world.
she sang him up to her cloud
where they could be alone with only the stars
and he gave her a ring, asked her to come down with him,
but the sad song she sang wouldn't let her go
so he stayed on her cloud and taught her
to hum happy songs, sang her down from her cloud
where his deep song and her high melody
kept them together on solid ground.
the writer's note that sometimes appears before or after these things:
i know, there isn't really a chorus or separate verses, it is more like a poem, but i wrote it as a song for a friend of mine. the tune [if you were wondering] is soft and slow, played on a piano [i was listening to my friend play a classical piano piece when i wrote this] and is mostly higher notes. in my head there is a piano solo in the beginning and middle[ish]. this can also technically be played on an acoustic guitar.

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